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Black Experience on Xfinity Grant Program

Xfinity is continuing efforts to encourage and promote the development of diverse creative projects and filmmakers. Xfinity is proud to introduce you to the 2023 Finalists for the Black Experience on Xfinity Grant.

Black Experience on Xfinity

Meet our Finalists

Eric D. Seals

Bike Vessel

This film centers around a father and son who are changing their lives through better health and exercise. Three years ago, Eric’s father, almost died after 3 open-heart surgeries. However after 20 years, Seals’ makes a miraculous health recovery after discovering his love for bicycling.

Jennifer Pessima

I am John Gabbana 

In the documentary, John ‘Boonk’ Gabbana’s shares his story of being a survivor of over 21 years of abuse. John details his journey from a traumatic childhood to becoming a vira social media star, to being a victim of gun violence. He shares his rise and fall to fame. 

Quintin Arthur

Behind The Clippers

This project is about how the Barbershop connects with the Black Culture. It highlight’s the real thoughts and feelings of Barbers across the world. Additionally, it talks about “hair” and gives a deep analysis of how Haircuts speak to the soul. 

Stefanie Philpott

Shoutout 2 My Therapist

The 5 part web series is a Dramedy about a Black woman in her early 30’s who finds herself at a crossroads after quitting her job and deciding to attend therapy for the first time. During her sessions, she learns more about herself and her personal relationships.  

Andre and Shaun Fequiere


The entertainment world idolized Hip Hop Legend and pioneer Kangol  and 
his group U.T.F.O. While he helped to shape the foundation of hip hop, he was also a father to three boys. This docuseries is about Kangol’s life told from the perspective of his three sons.

Michael Emokhor

The Dream Chaser 

Addarren Ross “Lil Snupe” was murdered 2 months into a record deal with the label Dream Chasers. Despite tragedy, his mark on the music industry has left others inspired. In this doc, his family & friends reflect on his life, his art and share their thoughts on the bright future that once stood before him. 

Tari Robinson

The Voicemail  

The Voicemail is a thriller about 4 young women who are enjoying wine and good conversation until a strange voicemail derails their fun.  Soon afterwards, the ladies find themselves dealing with the ramifications of the eerie voicemail.   

Jamal Ademola

“Ellas Vinieron de Las Nubes” They Came From the Clouds 

A diverse community of Black identified Mexicans share intimate experiences of life in La Costa Chica and Oaxaca, revealing connections in their endless struggle to be seen and live beautiful unencumbered Lives.

Moon Ferguson 


Juju is a fantasy web series that follows 3 millennial women navigating the ebb and flow of modern-day adulthood. Until one night changes everything for the three friends. A curse is broken, causing them to gain powers that were cut from their family bloodline. Now, they must learn to use their powers to protect themselves.  

Ashley and Brandon Deese

Our Blues Make US Gold

This is the story about the largest HBCU in the U.S, NC A&T State University and the impact its students & alumni have made in America. From education to the close knit atmosphere to changing the trajectory of families & creating a safe space for our people to learn, grow, & thrive.

Black Experience on Xfinity Grant Program

Judging Panel

  Senior Vice President of NBCU News Group

Yvette Miley

Yvette is an award winning journalists and executive,  receiving three Emmy’s and many accolades for her over 25 years of experience in journalism.

Filmmaker, Producer, and Author


Named in Variety’s ‘Producers to Watch’ in 2021, Lyn stands tall as one of the most accomplished female producers in Hollywood. Her projects include Netflix’s first live action musical, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey.


Co-founder & President of African American Film Critics Association 

Gil Robertson 

Gil is a veteran journalist and best-selling author. With 20+ years in entertainment journalism, his work has been featured in publications such as LA Times, Atlanta Journal, Ebony Magazines, Billboard, Fortune and more.


  • Applicant must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Applicant must be an emerging creator or filmmaker, having not had any works or projects mass distributed commercially prior to this submission.
  • Applicant must be a resident of the United States.
  • Projects must reflect African, African American or other Afro subcultural experiences, or address other broader topics from the perspective or incorporating the perspective of African, African American or other Afro centric cultures.
  • Projects may not include any paid product integrations or other sponsorships of any kind.
Project Specification Requirements
  • Formats: features, featurettes, documentaries, web series
  • Length: at least 45 mins of content
  • Rating: equivalent to a rating no higher than PG
Initial Submission Items

Applicant must submit the following items (“Initial Submission Items”) within the Application Period to qualify:

  • Application: Application form located at xfinityblackexperience.com;
  • Script/Creative Outline: 5 pages of script (or a creative outline if not scripted) that reflect one or more major themes of the Project;
  • Footage: A 5-minute trailer or sample footage that provides the best representation of your Project; and
  • Submission Agreement: The Applicant must agree to Comcast’s Submission Agreement. This Submission Agreement includes important terms and conditions (including arbitration of disputes) that Applicant should read carefully before accepting.
Semi-Finalist Submission Items

If Applicant is selected as a semi-finalist for the Grant Program, Applicant must submit the following additional items (“Semi-Finalist Submission Items”) to Comcast no later than the date designated by Comcast:

  • Full script;
  • Close to final cut or final cut of the Project, acknowledging that there may need to be final edits, clearances (including music), post-production, and/or pick-up days etc; and
  • If not providing final cut, description of the steps left in the Project.
Selection Process
  • All applicant submissions will be reviewed for consideration to be selected as a semi-finalist.
  • All semi-finalists will be notified and asked to submit the Semi-Finalist Submission Items.
  • Jury of entertainment professionals in the industry will evaluate semi-finalists and help determine the final grant recipients.
Evaluation Criteria

Submissions will be evaluated on a number of criteria, including Eligibility, adherence to the Project Specification Requirements herein, engaging storytelling, originality, contemporary cultural relevance, and potential to reach and connect with the Black Experience on Xfinity audience. All determinations with respect to any such criteria are subject to Comcast’s sole discretion and judgment. This grant program prioritizes funding films from early career and emerging filmmakers. To that end, the filmmaker’s experience level and access to resources, both financial and creative, is taken into consideration.

License Agreement

Comcast may, at its election, license a Grant Recipient’s final Project pursuant to the terms contained in Comcast’s License Agreement.This License Agreement includes important terms and conditions (including arbitration of disputes) which Applicant should read carefully before submitting a Project.